Sweat Session: Strength Training Fast Fix

strength training sweat session

An important part of your exercise and overall wellness plan is adding in strength training.  Diet and cardio alone will make you shed pounds but they will not give you that needed tone and strength behind your body that helps you with everyday living like standing up straight!  So here is a 15 minute strength training workout.  You will notice some cardio intertwined because strength training alone will not blast large amounts of calories but coupled by some bursts adds for one effective workout.

Strength Training Session (equipment needed: 3-5lb weights)

Warmup: (2 minutes)

1. Start with shoulder rolls slowly increasing in size to full arm circles (12 counts)

2. Standing with legs apart, arms out to the side, take your left hand and touch your right ankle then come back up.  Now take right hand to left ankle and come up.  Repeat 4x.

3. Jump rope lightly no crazy jumping just yet but enough to increase your heart rate slightly.


1. Pendulum Lunges – Grab weights (5-8 lb) and start a series of lunges holding weights down at your side.  Right foot lunges forward, come up and lunge backwards.  Switch legs.  Repeat this series of lunges until you’ve done both forward and back 12 times on both sides.

2. Weighted Squats – Stand up weights to sides (if 8lbs too heavy decrease weight size) and complete 8 squats.  Start doing bicep curls.  Your weights should be curled to your chest when your down in your squat.  They come to your side when you stand. (8 reps). Lastly, for 8 reps when you come up from your squat raise your knee.

3. Rows – Stand in runners lunge and taking both of your weights rowing straight back into a triceps kick back (6 times) switch to your opposite leg forward in your runners lunge and complete 6 more reps.

4. Jump Rope – grabbing your lightest weights start jumping rope pretending the ends of the weights are jump rope handles.  As you jump continue moving your weights in mini circles.  (25 count)

5. High Knees – Drop your weights and do a series of high knees.  First start by lifting your knees one at a time to your chest alternating (8 count) then pick  up the p[ace into high knees (count to 30) then ease back down to lifting knees to your chest alternating. Repeat 2 x.

6. Should raises – Grabbing your weights stand feet together.  Raise your left arm hold it up, raise your right arm too.  Lower your left hand first then your right.  Next rep will start with right hand first. That’s one rep. (16 times)

7. V-flys – Legs together squat into a chair position. Bend forward keeping your arms down  in front of you, back straight and chest up.Raise both arms to the side so that you are feeling it in your shoulder blades.  (Repeat 12 times)

8. Jumping Jacks – Challenge yourself by going as quick as you can for 30 seconds.

9. Burpees  – (30 seconds).  If you are unsure here’s a proper way to do burpeeshttp://ljayhealth.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/how-to-do-the-burpee/ 

10. Plank Holds –  Finish in plank and hold for 30 seconds.  Fold down onto your elbows holding plank and hold for an additional 30 seconds.

11. Childs Pose – fold back into childs pose stretching your arms and back.

12. Bicycles – On your back alternate bicycle crunches (total 50 count – 25 left and 25 right).

13.  Crunch – laying on your back do a back crunch for 35 make sure not to pull on  your neck.

14. Crunch with lower abs – For an additional 25 crunches incorporate your legs crunched in a ball so you work both lower and upper abs with each crunch

15  Cool Down – 2 minutes – Target your legs and arms to the best of your ability to stretch them out with what works for you.  End with deep breathing and a smile on your face.


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