Sweat Session: Yoga Quickie

Welcome to the yoga quickie session.  The intention is that you move swiftly but accurately through each transition. This workout below is recommended for those with at least a basic knowledge of yoga.   I do sincerely hope to have my camera up and running so soon I can show images to help guide you along.  in the meantime if you are uncertain what something means please refer to this online yoga dictionary for help: http://www.yogajournal.com/sanskrit#c

Sun Salutations – 5 minutes

1. Begin standing in Mountain Pose.  Hands at your hearts center (prayer position between your breast bone).  Take a deep breath in and out slowly 3 times.

2.Take a fourth breath reaching your arms to the side and up into a back arch arms extended behind you.  Reverse back to hearts center.  Repeat.

3. Third time reach all the way up and dive your arms down into swan, forward fold. Hands on the ground jump (or step) into plank.  Lower into chaturanga straight into upward facing dog and finally into downward facing dog.

4.  Take your right hand (leaving your left hand in place holding the pose).  Touch your right hand to your left ankle for an isometric hold for a count of 8.  Place your arm back next to your left and jump forward.  Forward fold up to swan into mountain pose bringing arms hearts center.

5.  Repeat steps 3-5 using your left hand to touch your right ankle and isometric hold for 8 counts.End the cycle standing with arms in hearts center.

6.  Go through the full sun salutation above but instead of lowering into chaturanga, stay in a strong plank and hold.

7. Immediately go into 30 seconds of fast Mountain Climbers. Finish in plank.

8. Chaturanga down and push up into upward facing dog, then back into downward dog, jump your feet in.  Flat back up, landing in Mountain Pose

9. Repeat the combination with plank  above but instead of Mountain Climbers go into a 30 seconds burst of plank jacks finishing in plank.  Go through chaturanga, upward dog, downward dog and back up finishing in Mountain.

Warrior Series – 5 minutes

1. From Mountain Pose step your left foot back and reach your arms forward into Warrior 1.

2. Open up into Warrior 2. Taking your right arm while still holding in Warrior two reach up and over to the left side of your body.  Your right hand should make a nice rounded arc over your head with you feeling a stretch all down your right side. Hold

3. Now reach up and over to the right side with your left hand allowing your right hand to rest gently on that still bent right knee.

4.  Move swiftly through right and left again for 2 more times feeling the stretch of the body each time. Finish in Warrior 2.

5.  Repeat the above with your left foot forward  starting in Warrior 1 and opening out int Warrior 2.

Balance – 3 minutes

1. Get into horse stance (spread your legs apart facing your body forward ).  Using both of your arms pretend you are holding a very heavy ball at the bottom of it.  Raise it up through the center releasing above your head through goddess.  Repeat 3x making sure you put a good amount of energy and breath into each movement.

2. Stand with your feet together in Mountain pose.  Raise one leg up with knee bent in front.   Open leg to the side while still bent and back forward (working hip rotator muscles).  Come up on the ball of your opposite foot, releasing the raised bent leg straight and down.  Repeat opposite side.

3.  Repeat bringing one foot up in front knee bent.  Rotate out to the side, but this time if you can extend that bent knee straight in the air.  If you have balance and can go further extend both hands up over your head.  Still want a challenge?  Raise up on the ball of your foot in the pose and HOLD.

5. Repeat step 3 with your opposite foot.

Cooldown – 2 minute

1. Stand in Mountain Pose and quiet your mind.  Take a deep breath in and out 3 times slowing your inhale/exhale as you go. Place your arms in hearts center, close your eyes and just relax.

English: downward dog posture I took this pict...

downward dog posture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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