Sweat Session: 15 Minute Cardio Burst Beginner

Here’s a great quickie workout for those looking for a lower impact cardio quickie that’s sure to burn calories, rev your metabolism but not make you sore for the next three weeks!

Warm up: 2 Minutes 30 seconds

1. 2 head rolls, 2 shoulder rolls, 2 elbow rolls, and 2 full body arm circles (take your time it’s not a race) (30 seconds)

2. March in place (get your knees up). Make sure to use your arms when you’re marching to get blood flowing throughout your body. (30 seconds)

3. Runners lunge – to warm up legs. Straighten bent leg reach down again.  You should feel the stretch in your hamstring.  Switch to the other side – lunge/straighten stretch  (1 minute)

4. Light jog enough to get your breath slightly elevated (30 seconds)

Workout: 10 minutes

1. Military March – Little bit tougher march than in the warmup.  Legs are completely straight instead of bent when marching and hands are straight as a board.  Opposite hand goes up as opposite leg (1 minute)

2. Plie Squats – Toes turned out legs in a straddle position.  Squat and pulse for a count of 8 (targets inner thighs) repeat 8 times.  After the 8th squat/pulse combo with arms still out to the sides HOLD for another count of 8.  (1 minute, 30  seconds)

3. Jumping jacks (30 seconds)

4. Squat/kick – Squat down and kick alternating legs (30 seconds) – don’t race through take your time and check your posture

5. Kickbacks – Arms straight up and alternate kicking one leg back while pulling arms down.  Keep a steady pace. (1 minute)

6. Repeat Plie Squats for 8 sets (1 minute 30 second)

7.  Circle jog – 30 seconds one way 30 seconds other way (1 minute total)

8. pendulum lunges – lunge forward alternating legs 12 times slowly and 12 times backwards.  Hand out to the side or on your hips whichever is more comfortable (1 minute)

9. Plank -get into a solid plank position and HOLD (1 minute)

10. Push ups – 10 push ups (ok on your knees if you can’t do full form) (1 minute)

AB BONUS SECTION (2 minutes – 100 crunches) – go straight to cooldown if you want to skip

1. Crunches – 25 regular crunches

2. Alternating side crunches – 50 total so 25 each side

3. Ball Crunch – 25 crunches bringing your head in and legs in crunching in a ball as one time.

Cooldown (2 minutes 30 seconds)

1. Forward stretch –  while seated put your legs straight out and try to reach your toes, hold for a count of 12.  Come up and reach forward again trying to reach a bit further keeping your knees still straight.

2. Straddle Side Stretch – legs out to the side reach opposite arm up and try to touch opposite toe, hold for 12 counts.  Switch opposite side. 

3. Straddle front stretch -keeping knees facing the ceiling still try to reach forward to get your chest as close to the ground as possible.  HOLD for 12 counts.   Come up and repeat again.

4. Bottoms on feet together stretch down trying to touch your nose to your toes.  Hold 12 count and repeat.

Congrats you did it!  Now wipe off all that sweat and drink a huge glass of water.


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