Sweat Session: 15 Minute Cardio Blast (Intermediate)

We’ve all heard the “I don’t have time to work out” line. Well good news is that any amount of exercise you do is better than not doing any at all. However if that leaves you disturbed and wanting more, see below for an easy 15 minute workout for you to incorporate in your lives 2 to 3 times a week. Feeling bored? Try livening up the exercises by switching the order or adding 3 to 5 lb weights.

Sweat Session Quickie #1 (equipment needed – your own body)

2 minute warmup:

30 seconds circle your arms
30 seconds jog in place (arms low as to not spike your heart rate too early)
30 seconds toe touches(feet spread apart touch opposite arm to opposite leg, switch, switch…)
30 seconds jumping jacks arms fully extended


Squat down (watch your knee/toe alignment) jump up (repeat for 1 minute as many sets as you can – normal pace)
Alternating lunges to the front and back, switch repeat for 1 minute
Jump rope (move arms like spinning the rope) for 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks (arms high) for 30 seconds
Stomach crunches lying down arms behind head (straight up and down 30 seconds, then side to side rotations 30 seconds)
Pushups (10 times on your knees if you need to)
Boxing jabs while feet are planted forward throw punches side to side alternating low, middle, high punching for 1 minute
Squat and kick sideways (12 times and switch sides)
Football runs 30 seconds
High knees for 30 seconds
Alternating kicks to the front (12 count)
Alternating kicks to the back (12 count)
Legs turned out and spread apart, pulse in a squat for three counts and jump on the fourth (1 minute)
Jump rope (double jump for those looking for an extra burst) for one minute

Cool down:

Begin by taking deep breaths Move into runners lunge and rotate your torso towards your knee to stretch. Sit down facing forward and extend both legs straight. Lift arms up and stretch far over. Open your legs and stretch side to side. Slowly stand up and stretch your calves. Do 3 slow headrolls each direction and one shoulder roll and you’re done!


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