Full Body Workout (40 minute) – Get ready to get sweaty!

treadmill runningGet ready to get sweaty my friends!  Here’s a 40 minute full body workout for days when you just want to take it up a notch.  For best results sub into your weekly routines one time a week (aim for 2-3 additional days of high intensity/total body workouts).

The value that interval and total body training provide is extremely high!  Doing intervals of high/low intensity helps your body increases the afterburn effect on your body for hours after your workout is over!  Why spend time running or walking at a steady pace for an hour where you will only burn what you see on the machine? Why not add 20 minutes back into your busy life and increase caloric burn all day long!

This workout has 2 parts:  Part 1 Cardio & Part 2 Weight Training

Treadmill disclaimer: These are the speeds I am comfortable with, so please adjust accordingly to fit your fitness levels.  Just remember with intervals, aim to be able to talk just fine when jogging and pick up the intensity during  the sprint phases for max results.  Feel free to substitute treadmill for elliptical or bike if you prefer.


Warm-up (2-5 minutes): Treadmill walk at comfortable pace (3.0-3.5 mph/1% incline)

Workout: (15 minutes): Up incline to 1%-1.5%

  • 1 minute JOG or easy run (6.3 mph)
  • 40 seconds full on RUN (7.2 mph)
  • 20 seconds SPRINT (7.7-8.0 mph)

Repeat 5X above (approx 15 minute mark)

For the last 5 minutes begin a Walk/Run routine giving your glutes, calves and legs some attention:

  • Ease at JOG pace for 1 minute
  • Every 30 seconds reduce speed by .2mph and UP incline by .5% (stop when you get to about 3.5mph-3.8mph)
  • Once you hit 10% incline reverse back down dropping every 30 secs the incline by 1%

Recover (2-5 minutes) : Stay at 0%-1% incline reduce speed to 2.5mph-3.2mph)

WORKOUT PART 2: Weight Training

You may use dumbbells or cables for this routine (I used one of the cable pulley systems at my gym)

Tri Set ( repeat 3x increasing weights each set 8lb-10lb, 10-12lb, 12-15lb)

  • Front Raises – 12-15 reps with 8lb weights
  • Squat/Rows – 15 reps each arm.  Squat while doing single arm rows 10lbs.  Maintain squat while you switch arms.
  • Tricep Overhead Press – 15 reps 10lbs – While bent over/back straight pull cable with both arms over head until arms are straight. (you should feel it in the back of your arms upon each extension).

Ab Rotation: 15 Rotations each side, repeat 2x.  Pull cable or weight across torso with both arms. Should feel entire core twisting.

Cool down: stretch out arms and legs.  I like downward dog, deep lunges, and traditional arm stretches.

Hope you enjoy this workout! Let me know if you find it valuable!


Serious Morning Cardio/Weight Workout

Here’s a killer combo that incorporates cardio and most importantly weight training. Feel free to adjust weights and reps as fit for you keeping in mind the weight sections consists of 3 sets.  That said always consider starting out heavier you can always reduce the weight.  

5 minute warmup

  • Jog (1 minute)
  • Jumping Jacks (1 minute)
  • Side lunges (alternating for 1 minute)
  • High knees (1 minute)
  • Alternating toe touch (1 minute)


Workout (3 sets, 2 parts)


Part I

  • Jump rope (1 minute)
  • Dead lifts  with alternating leg extensions (10-12 reps, 15-30lbs)
  • Bent over chest fly (10-12 reps, 8-10lbs)
  • Concentration bicep curls alternating (10-12 reps each arm, 10-15 lbs)


Part II

  • Jump rope (1 minute)
  • Plank rows (20 consecutive rows each arm, 15lbs)
  • Tricep extentions (10-12 reps, 15-20lbs)
  • Hammer curls (10-12 reps, 10-15lbs)


Repeat above 3x


Part III (repeat 2x)

  • Plyo box jumps (15)
  • Stability ball crunches (20 reps holding 10lb weight)
  • Stability ball lower back extensions (12 reps)


Cooldown (5 minutes) – light yoga and stretches


Ahhh, now don’t you feel stronger already? 

DVD Review: Angie Gorr

About twice a year, my workout dvd collection starts to bore me and I am ready to invest in a new program to throw in the mix.

After exhaustive research on Amazon, bodybuilding.com, and random forums rating exercise dvds I finally settled on a new one… “Custom Fit” by Angie Gorr.

custom fit by Angie Gorr
Girls this video kicks ass! Actually I liked it so much a few weeks after I bought a second video of hers, “Sweat and Tone”. They are currently thrown in rotation once a week and are one of my dvd favorites already.

I think the greatest thing about both of these videos is the amount of customizing you can do. Only have 20 min? 30? 60? Not a problem! She even let’s you mix up your session between cardio, upper body, lower body and abs depending on your goal.

The quality of the video production is not as dynamic as Bob Harper’s or a Beachbody dvd but the workouts offered definitely make it worth your time. So if you are in the market for a new dvd to “get your beach on” this summer try Angie’s out. She won’t disappoint.

Do you have a favorite workout dvd? What is it and what makes it one of your favorites?
Written by Kimberly Hale

Workouts and more


I wanted to take a moment to remind you of the tab in this blog called Sweat Sessions.  This page links to various workouts I’ve created for you to try.  The intention is to offer you quick workouts in a variety of forms and levels to help you reach your goals in a time crunched world.  I’ve added a new one today called “15 Minute Cardio Quickie – Beginner”.  Check it out when you have a moment:  http://bit.ly/Wn7Fn4 

Now let’s get crunching!

New Year, New View

We are drawing upon the drop of the ball.  A time where we say goodbye to what this year has held for us and look on to what 2013 may hold for our future.  It’s a bright outlook where anything is possible.  What’s on your list?  I think my resolution this year will be around finding peace with myself.  If you’re like me your ever-busy, like to go nonstop, and never take a second to catch your breathe or admire the view.  My goal is to slow-down and invest more in those things in my life that bring me joy.

I found some pretty interesting stats from a site called Statistic Brain (www.statisticbrain.com) that I thought were worth sharing.  Did you know that over 45% of Americans will set New Year’s resolutions this year?  Furthermore a good 38% will be regarding weight and 34% regarding money?  I also discovered about 45% of new years resolutions are still alive and kicking after 6 months.  This means it’s totally possible to set a goal and keep it if you want it badly enough.  So what advice can I give you in terms of picking the right goal?  Here’s a few suggestions I came across in an article from a blog called Goal Setting guides (http://www.goal-setting-guide.com/statistics-facts-setting-years-resolutions) if you need a little help:

1. Make it specific – this gives you less opportunity to find wiggle room to wiggle out of it.

2. Make it realistic – winning the lotto, losing 40 pounds, or paying off your mortgage might be a little over ambitious… after all the last thing you want is to set yourself up for something you know is not going to happen.

3. Make it known – write it in a journal, tell family and friends.  What better than a support group that way it’s even more motivation to complete as you know your Aunt Kathy come Thanksgiving will wonder how your kickboxing classes or gluten-free blog is going.

4. Make it measurable by time – Now an exact date or hour can be anxiety producing but setting something like a in 3 weeks goal or an approximate date will give you something to work towards without causing panic.

5. Make it fun and rewarding- There is nothing more demotivating than a goal that’s a burdon.  Who wants to work toward achieving a goal if it’s viewed negatively?  Choose your resolution wisely and you’ll set yourself up for success.

I wish you the best of luck.  Here’s to you, your health, your goals, and a wonderful 2013!  Cheers!


Top 5 Cardio DVD’s

The best exercise plan is one that gets you moving whether that be indoors, outdoors, underwater or out in the mountains.  It’s great for your body to use a combination of types of exercise to get the best results possible and to counteract any plateaus in your health plan.

But, what if you can’t?  What if you are too busy to get out to a pool or gym?  What if you don’t live near a trail or you have to stay home with a young child?   It doesn’t mean that all hopes are lost.  I found after having a child that I don’t have that flexibility to just go out to a class or out for a run whenever i feel like it so I turned to exercise videos and I LOVE them.  I think they are one of the best ways for you to take control of your body and get those cut results you are looking for while still taking some direction from experienced trainers.  It’s like having a personal trainer in your home for only $14.99!

Looking for some great cardio exercise DVD’s to try?  The videos below are not for the weak!  They are in no particular over preference as i love them all!

1. Ultimate Fat-Burning Collection (The Firm) – 4 kick butt 40-60 minute workouts using primarily cardio but added weights.

2. Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (Jillian Michaels)

3. Cardio Conditioning (Bob Harper) – this one uses a kettleball, don’t have one?  One heavy 8-15lb weight will be just fine.

4. Less is More Cardio (Cindy Whitmarsh) – 30 minutes straight cardio, she’s efficient, ripped, and quick while getting the job done.

5. Ultimate Cardio Body (Bob Harper) – uses light weights… let’s just say the beginning 15 minutes involve over 150 lunges…. you want to hate him but love him at the same time for the results every time.  Say goodbye to if you have any cottage cheese looking dimples on the back of your thighs!

Sweat Sessions #1: 15 Minute High Intensity Cardio Burst

We’ve all heard the “I don’t have time to work out” line. Well good news is that any amount of exercise you do is better than not doing any at all. However if that leaves you disturbed and wanting more, see below for an easy 15 minute workout for you to incorporate in your lives 2 to 3 times a week. Feeling bored? Try livening up the exercises by switching the order or adding 3 to 5 lb weights.

Sweat Session Quickie #1 (equipment needed – your own body)

2 minute warmup:

30 seconds circle your arms
30 seconds jog in place (arms low as to not spike your heart rate too early)
30 seconds toe touches(feet spread apart touch opposite arm to opposite leg, switch, switch…)
30 seconds jumping jacks arms fully extended


Squat down (watch your knee/toe alignment) jump up (repeat for 1 minute as many sets as you can – normal pace)
Alternating lunges to the front and back, switch repeat for 1 minute
Jump rope (move arms like spinning the rope) for 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks (arms high) for 30 seconds
Stomach crunches lying down arms behind head (straight up and down 30 seconds, then side to side rotations 30 seconds)
Pushups (10 times on your knees if you need to)
Boxing jabs while feet are planted forward throw punches side to side alternating low, middle, high punching for 1 minute
Squat and kick sideways (12 times and switch sides)
Football runs 30 seconds
High knees for 30 seconds
Alternating kicks to the front (12 count)
Alternating kicks to the back (12 count)
Legs turned out and spread apart, pulse in a squat for three counts and jump on the fourth (1 minute)
Jump rope (double jump for those looking for an extra burst) for one minute

Cool down:

Begin by taking deep breaths Move into runners lunge and rotate your torso towards your knee to stretch. Sit down facing forward and extend both legs straight. Lift arms up and stretch far over. Open your legs and stretch side to side. Slowly stand up and stretch your calves. Do 3 slow headrolls each direction and one shoulder roll and you’re done!