5 Ways to Exercise at Your Desk


Photo from Flickr by libertygraceO

Does your daytime job keep your daily activity at bay?  Do you spend 4-9 plus hours a day sitting frantically typing away at email?  If your answer is yes, join the club!  You are one of the 80% of working Americans in that bucket.  However these desk jobs may pay the bills but they also are reeking havoc on your health!

Studies show that the longer you sit or are sedentary throughout the day, the shorter your life span will be.  Yikes, that’s a bit hard to swallow.  So if you love your job, you can’t get around sitting at a desk for work, what can you do?

Here are 7 easy ways to weasel in a few easy exercises/health steps you can do at your desk to help combat the dreaded health outlook for us worker bees:

1. Lunges are your butt’s best friend!  Get up and move that body.  Challenge yourself to do 50 lunges throughout the day at your desk (no that’s not too much to ask!).  Whether you bang them all out at one time, break them up by tens, or do a morning and afternoon session this will ensure you boost your heart rate and work off that extra cellulite hiding a toned backside. How easy, right?

2. Stretch out your sides!  Get your upper body moving with some side bends and a few back bends. If you really feel like getting crazy throw in a few shoulder and head rolls!  You’ll immediately feel a difference if not a bit of energy from stretching out your spine.  For an added challenge add some weight whether there’s a 5lb dumb bell in your cube or a heavy book/piece of equipment. Don’t forget to say ahhh!

3. Take a walk.  Try to make sure you are getting up once an hour or hour and a half max.  This will get your circulation moving and will give you an opportunity to fill up a glass of water and meet your daily water needs.  Have a pedometer?  Great! Chart your progress throughout the day…. 10,000 daily steps is possible you just have to make time for it.  Don’t have a pedometer?  i strongly encourage you to get one, heck you may even surprise yourself with amount of steps you take a day.

4.  Flex those muscles: invest in some light weight to keep in your cube 2-5 lbs max. Try to fit in 3 sets of 12 bicep curls before lunch and repeat after lunch.  You’ll be so proud of yourself and after a little while should notice some definition in your arms.

5. Downward dog baby! If you do not have a private office or enclosed privacy cube then this may be a little tricky to do without your coworkers wondering what on earth is going on over there! Go ahead and swap for basic runners calf stretches. If you are so lucky or are not intimidated by your coworkers, go ahead and make sure before the end of the day to wrap up with a downward dog.  This will stretch out your whole body especially your calves and legs.  Downward dog is wonderful for increasing your overall  flexibility.

6. BONUS TIP:  If your workplace allows for it, swap your detrimental desk chair for an exercise ball.  Sitting on that throughout your work day will keep you sitting up straight and actively working your core muscles all day long!

These are just a few ideas to weave exercise into your workday.  I hope this inspires you to try one, two, or all 6 tips for fitting a workout into your daily 8 to 5 routine.  not only will adding this in break up the daily monotony but exercise also may help you from crashing at 2pm or raiding the meeting leftovers in the break room.   Every little step counts!

Have any exercises you’ve looped into your work day?  Any advice to share from one desk job worker to another?  Let us know!

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