DVD Review: Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior

Sometimes everybody needs a little zen in their life. You know that kind of feeling where you are calm and mellow but ready to take on the world? Yoga for the Warrior is that kind of feeling. I love a good yoga class where I can work up a sweat but also leave feeling like I can take on whatever the day throws at me. The fact that Bob’s video brings that kind of feeling in the own comfort of my home is amazing.

I have tried various home yoga DVDs and have found a lot of them to be boring, monotonous, or just plain confusing. All completely opposite of that cool, relaxed feeling I’m supposed to have. When I first picked up this DVD I was skeptical given the bad rap so many other DVDs out there tote. Simply put I don’t like videos wasting my time.

Typically cardio and interval training videos are my forte since I’m light on time and want to get the max benefit out my workout. But yoga has such awesome benefits for your body like flexibility, strength, a “centered” feeling….that I had to find a way to incorporate it into the weekly mix. Let’s just say I got my money’s worth purchasing Bob’s video.

Yoga for the Warrior runs 60 minutes and comes equips with a second workout for yoga abs. Bob takes you through a full array of common poses ( sun salutations, the warrior series, tree, triangle etc.) and also more challenging poses (awkward airplane, bird of paradise, wheel). He also takes the workout to a whole new level with heart rate raising bursts like chaturanga push-ups and downward dog shoulder presses.

All in all I highly recommend you give this video a try. Its a tough workout but leaves you feeling amazing when it’s over. Do half of this video and you’ll still finish feeling flexible and calm.

Yoga for the Warrior is great as a stand alone workout and also fits nicely as a second workout. What I find works great is 30 minutes cardio or strength followed with 30 minutes of this yoga video.

Tried this video or have another great yoga DVD you recommend? Let’s hear about it!


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