4 Ways to keep your sanity on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is just days away.  As the doors close in on this family tradition I know that lurking just a day passed is one of my favorite days of the year… Black Friday!   I have loved Black Friday ever since my old school retail management days at a Toy shop.  True we had to be in by 4am and yes crazy parents already were lined up in the outdoor mall all for their kids burning passion for Tickle me Elmo’s and Lightsabers.  But the rush you feel as an employee or as a shopper is amazing!  There is this crazed burst of energy that gives anyone the incredible power to be like the Incredible Hulk and toss piles of heavy boxes aside all to see if there might be one Christmas Edition Thomas Engine left.

There is no amount enough of caffeine that can prepare us for this day.  Once that adrenaline burst crashes so do we. Leaving us irritable, tired and just downright angry at everyone and everything around us.  There are better ways to do this and enjoy the day without coming home to sleep the straight through or knocking over at the mall everyone and everything in your way.

Here’s 4 useful tips if you plan on surviving Black Friday:

1. Eat breakfast – Even if your breakfast is mini Thanksgiving round 2 something is better than nothing.  To ideally set your self up for success a big bowl of oatmeal with nuts/fruit, egg white omelet with spinach and feta over paired with a high fiber english muffin, or a cup of greek yogurt and multi-grain toast should set you up to survive.

2. Gear Up – Make sure you are well prepared for whatever elements you might encounter this day.  This means dress appropriately.  If you know you’re going to be standing outside or that you will be burning up trying to hurry through the stores put on good gym shoes, enough of the right layers so body temp doesn’t throw your mood for a curveball, and downsize that coach shoulder bag for a smaller crossover purse or pockets with just the bare essentials.

3. Strategize – Come up with your plan of attack BEFORE you leave the house.  Where are you going first?  What items are you targeting and which are the most important.  Also do some research before heading out.  There’s nothing worse than standing in a two-hour long line for a gift that turns out is the same sales price….everyday.

4. Pace yourself – Keep in mind Black Friday is just ONE day.  You’ll still have Cyber Monday or any of the other odd days to Christmas to hit up some good if not better deals.  Don’t burn yourself out or worse end up on TV like Frankie from the Middle in last week’s Thanksgiving show.

I realize these tips might not be new but applying them is the biggest catch of all.  The best perk of going through all that fuss is seeing joy on your family and friends faces at that totally awesome present you got them.  You can rest knowing that it was worth it and hell you even had a chance to burn off some of the calories from Thanksgiving.

Do you go out for Black Friday?  Any successful tips that you’d add to this list?  Let us know!


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