Sugar, America’s own worst enemy

Sugar…it’s in everything.  It’s even in foods you would never expect to find it in.  It’s also one of the reason so many people are overweight or obese. Studies have shown that overweight people are likely to spend 37% more a year at the pharmacy. As if money isn’t tight enough in our economy already…

Unfortunately right now there is no regulated daily value to go off of for sugar like there is with calories, fat,  or cholesterol so how much really is too much?  Did you know one 12oz glass of pop has a killer 42-50 grams of sugar?  Holy sugar high!  Now consider how many fast food places you see with people drinking ginormous cups of this stuff.  No wonder New York put a cap on serving huge sized pops…  maybe the rest of America should take the hint.

Sugar is attributed to weight gain, rotting your teeth, and stunting any effort for weight loss you may be trying to do.  Washington Post released an article a few days ago regarding sugar being a “toxin” to our bodies.  Something so heavily available to be categorized the same as your bottle of liquid drano!  But, by no means are artificial sweeteners the easy way out.  They are starting to uncover that articial sweeteners can be just as bad.  From what we know, the body treats these devils in disguise same as sugar but heightened ten fold.  They have even been attributed to tricking people into weight gain!  Where is the relief?

Well you might think there’s a simple solution to that,  just rid sugar from your diet.  HA!  I dare you to go ahead and try.  Over 80% of foods in the market have added sugars like “high fructose corn syrup”.  Really very few items you’ll find at the store are completely sugar free (real or fake sugar).   Suppose you find a handful of these gold mines, do you really feel you could exist on those and those alone?  Or at this point would your body shut down?  Here’s an awesome video I found on you tube that I think best addresses the sugar issue and brings to light a great solution.  Watch this video and let me know what you think.  Keep in mind, brands will only make what we buy.  Do yourselves and your children a favor and pitch the garbage.

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