Guiltless Grilling Tips for Healthful Living

Sirloin steak of Tajima beef.

With the Fourth of July Celebrations filling up your calendars this week, you will probably have to navigate through a few outdoor parties. This fun summer holiday doesn’t have to be filled with poor food choices, however. Check out these 5 topics for helping you grill healthfully!

Trim that Fat!

  • “Use well-trimmed, lean cuts of meat, such as flank steak or sirloin steak.
  • Heart-healthy olive oil protects leaner foods from drying out during high-heat cooking by helping to hold in natural moisture” (1)

Use a Marinade!

  • “…adding spices, such as thyme, sage, and garlic, can reduce the amount of total HCAs [an agent directly involved in causing cancer, a carcinogen] by 60%…”
  • “Marinating beef in red wine for six hours before grilling decreased the amount of carcinogens—40% fewer than in beef that wasn’t marinated—according to a study by the University of Porto in Portugal.” (2)

Microwave it First?!?

  • Sure enough… “Studies have shown that microwaving meat for two minutes prior to cooking decreased HCAs by 90%. Just remember to throw out the juice—that’s where the HCAs lurk.” (2)

Be Condiment Conscious

  • “Ketchup contains lycopene, a natural cancer fighter. Choose organic options without high fructose corn syrup.
  • Mustard is not only low in calories, but also contains mustard seeds, which help reduce inflammation (this is good for achy joints and heart health).
  • BBQ sauce adds great flavor, but be sure to buy brands with tomatoes, not sugar or high fructose corn syrup, as the first ingredient.” (3)

Healthy Grilling Foods

  •      Protein: chicken breast, lean pork chop, shrimp, salmon
  •      Starches: fingerling potatoes, jicama
  •      Fruit: pineapple ring, peaches
  •      Veggies: corn, eggplant, zucchini


Contributing Writer, HoneyCrunched Kate Milde


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