Is Tabata Training Right For Me?

What is a Tabata workout? You may or may not have heard this word thrown around increasingly over the last year. If you are looking for a way to torch calories and work your anaerobic and aerobic cardiovascular systems listen up.  Using Tabata training over other circuit, weight or cardio methods is up to 9 times more effective at burning fat.  Holy cow, that’s big news!  Plus the amount of time going through this style of exercise to reap these awesome benefits is a mere 4 minutes! Have the time to spare?

Before you think you’ve found your slice of heaven there is something you must be warned about.  This method is short and sweet and the benefits are excellent HOWEVER, you need to really push it during the workout.  This isn’t for the faint of heart, this isn’t for the exerciser who likes to put in minimal energy or effort.   You need to really bring it.  I’m talking on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s 15-20.

Here’s some video’s to watch before attempting your own go at it:

Ready to give it a whirl?  Here’s a few workouts to try or build up to depending on your current fitness state.  Just make sure you have a stop watch and bottle of water near by. Remember 20 second intervals, 20 seconds rest in between:

#1 Beginner’s Tabata 

Jumping Jacks (as many as possible for 20 seconds…keep arms straight – thumbs touch every time arms come up), rest for 10 seconds

Jog- sprint like you’re in view of the finish line (20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds)

Jump rope – make sure arms are turning just like you had a rope

Squats (as many as you can without your knees extending over your toes)

Repeat all 4 exercises.  Done.

#2 Intermediate Intensity

Jump squats (use your arms and continuously jump no phasing)

Pushups (as many as possible)

High knees


Cross country skiing

Jump Rope with leg kickouts

Lunge split jumps (aka Mary Catherine’s)

Butt Kicks

#3 Advanced Intensity

High Knees

Mummy kicks



Mountain Climbers

Tuck Jumps (these suck but work wonders)

X squat jumps

Mary Catherine’s (lunging split jumps)

The above are just a few examples of Tabata workouts.  You can always increase to 8 or 10 minute workouts if this wasn’t enough of a challenge.  Important thing to remember is that this type of training is high intensity amplified.  So these workouts are guaranteed to fire up that metabolism and keep it up long after your workout is done.  Just remember no matter how much you workout, you can always overeat what you burn so choose wisely.

Written by Kimberly Evans


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