How Do You Define Hot?

strength training sweat session

Ah, the age-old quest for a rockin hot body. But have you ever stopped to think about what that means to you? Is a hot body one that is 365 bikini ready? Or maybe it means a healthy body or even more just being comfortable in your own skin. That’s hot right?

Well, whatever definition you choose, consider this: what does looking the way you want to take to achieve? How much time do you need to acquire that “killer body”? Is it daily workouts at the yoga studio or kickboxing boot camp or low carb diets? As you start to learn what your definition is its at that point you can take a look back and see how much that’s worth to you and frankly if it is realistic. Also what additional requirements are needed to help fit in the process? Is it costing you a fortune in online supplements or $98 “trendy” yoga pants?

Where am I going with this? Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to fit in a category we consider “elite” that we lose sight of those more important things in life-like family and friends. Even our already tight wallets take a hit. It is in recognizing this that we discover if there is a need to adjust our hot body definition.

As I am in wedding mode now, I am determined to keep up my daily routine and “your so conscious of your diet you make others want to gag” regime. But once the bells have rung I plan on re-evaluating my definition of healthy to fit into a working plan that can benefit me and at the same time allow me more flexibility to spend more time with family and friends.

I now realize that it is unrealistic to expect I will always be a size 2 and I am finally confident in saying I accept that. I know given my Virgo background and anal retentive ways I will also never slip on my size 12 clothes again..Its a balance that frees us , keeps us sane and helps take our focus off the less important things and put it back where it belongs on our loved ones.

What is your definition of a hot bod? What changes would you like to make in your own lives?  Please share below.

Written by Kimberly Evans


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