Weight Training for Wedding Day

English: Winterhalter does a one-armed pushup ...

As I may have mentioned a few weeks ago I am getting married this year!  Wedding day is officially under 5 months from now and it’s at this point where I get my game face on and dedicate these last few months to fine-tuning my exercises and eating right so that strapless mid back dress looks stunning on wedding day.  (Insert cheesy smile)   Afterall we can’t have the dreaded case of “back fat” popping through in pictures!

People have begun asking me questions like are you nervous?  How are plans coming?  Have you been super busy with wedding planning?  How about planning timelines or wedding collage books? My response to their questions is pretty much always the same: Uh… nervous?  No.  Freaking out? No…  Overwhelmed with wedding plans?  No!  What the hell should I be?  Now, it’s not that I don’t care because its my wedding of course I’m thrilled it’s just that my mister and I have been dating for 7 years,  we have a child that’s almost four and we live together so that nervousness of what to expect or what have you is just not there.  I’ve had the last 9 months to research, interview, and select vendors compile guest lists and centerpieces and pick out my dress and cake.  I’m sure a few details will accidentally get forgotten until last minute but I know regardless of my freaking out  when that happens it will all end up fine.

So that said this leaves me with time to make sure i look great in my pictures for the wedding!  I’ve already had a final dress fitting so my size is exactly as it is today.  My gown is floor length so although legs are an important powerhouse, it’s my arms and back that take center stage. But as the fact remains true you won’t make much progress on anything if that heart rate doesn’t fire up (aka use your legs too).

I’ve highlighted below a few exercises I’ve been doing a few times a week (trying for every other day) to whittle those arms in shape.

Kim’s Bridal Boot camp Recommended Upper body Weight Training Exercises (each exercise consists of 3 sets 12-16 reps each set – weights 5-10lbs)

  • Pushups  – regular pushups, chataranga pushups, downward dog  yoga pushups (great for back muscles)
  • Planks (side plank, front plank, one leg plank, elbow plank…  any and all planks!)
  • Pendulum lunges with bicep curls (50 each leg)
  • dead lift with flies
  • Squats with shoulder press
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Windmill arms with weights
  • Tricep dips (oldie but goodie)


Written by Kimberly Evans


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