Dessert Daily? Kim’s Top 5 Dessert Picks

Strawberry ice cream dessert

Strawberry ice cream dessert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have an incredible sweet tooth. In fact, when I was pregnant it got so bad that if I didn’t have some version of triple chocolate ice cream in my freezer every night I’d have a meltdown! Seriously! So naturally that sweet tooth has managed to infiltrate my daily food regime even still, three years later!

It’s essential to have some type of sweet every night before bed else I can’t sleep. Period. Sounds crazy right? Well, fact of the matter is as long as you are staying active regularly, dessert can fit into your life too. How and what kind of desserts you ask? Below are my top 10 desserts. Keep in mind, i do not allow myself to go over 300 calories on dessert….EVER. So all the suggestions below fall into the 100-300 calorie range making them totally possible! Also side note, I try hard to take into consideration more than just calories but things like sugar and fat. I don’t always hit the mark since it is dessert, however these were evaluated as not being too over the top.

Kim’s Top 5 Dessert Nominee’s:

1. Greek Frozen Yogurt – This treat is awesome! I stumbled upon the vanilla 0% frozen yogurt at my local Trader Joe’s a few weeks back. I have since then purchased Oikos 0% brand from Whole Foods both great options and at 100 calories, 0 grams of fat per 1/2 cup can we really even call this a sweet? Dress this frozen yogurt up with any of the following topics to take it from breakfast to dessert: banana slices, cool whip, crushed graham crackers, strawberries, blueberries, even a little bit of peanut butter mixed in tastes great… you get the picture!

2. Jello 60 calorie pudding snacks – Take anyone of these guilt-free flavors and add some cool whip on top or fruit mixed in and it’s a great tasting, still healthy treat. I’m a fan of mixing blueberries in with the vanilla flavor complete with a top of cool whip.

3. Smoothie turns Milkshake – blend up your favorite fruits, peanut butter, add in chocolate almond milk (dark, or milk chocolate) and blend! Healthy chocolate milkshake. (p.s. the almond and soy also have strawberry flavors to test out)

4. Smart Ones Desserts Here you have a multitude of options to satisfy any sweet tooth like key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip cookie dough, turtle sundae…the list goes on. A delectable choice for dessert all coming in at well under 200 calories.

5. Shortcake Dessert Cups – more commonly known for the vanilla flavor and in creation of strawberry shortcakes, but don’t let that stop you. Add in your favorite fruit instead of strawberry or swap out the vanilla up for the chocolate cups with diced banana and cool whip.  Unfortunately Hostess made some of the best versions of these but have closed their doors as of this past winter.  Whole foods, Target, and Walmart sell versions however Whole Foods is the only place I have seen the tasty chocolate dessert cups.

To close, as you see from the five examples above there is no reason to avoid dessert from your lifestyle.  There are many options out there that can fill that void.  So next time skip that extra serving of chips and save some room for one of the above in your day.  You won’t regret it!

Written by Kimberly Evans


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