No Excuses (Guest Post)

I’m excited to announce our first guest poster.  She currently writes from CT but has strong roots in Chicago.  She has had ups and downs in her struggle with weight after having children and dealing with challenges in life and family.  She is both an inspiration to me and my best friend.  If you enjoy her article please share!

I was a master at making up reason to not work out.  I didn’t want to miss that show, or I was too tired after a 9-hour work day, or there is just not enough time in the day.

When my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I went to therapy.  I had no idea those few months in therapy would reshape the way I look at exercise.

Instead of focusing on physical results, he had me log my emotions before and after a 20 minute walk.  20 minutes was totally doable; it was such a short time that I could still catch the end of Castle on TV.  So, I walked the block a few times.  I felt noticeably better after each walk and soon felt I could not go a day without it.  It gave me the “me time” I was missing so much without making me feel as though I was missing out on my life.

Those 20 minutes have grown over time to at least an hour a day, and the intensity has increased.  Exercising has improved my mood so much that it has enriched the time I spend with my family.  The weight loss has become a nice side-effect rather than being the center of focus.  It took the pressure off and I am now able to enjoy exercise.

Here are some great moments during the day to just take a few minutes to improve your mindset:

  • Have Daddy bathe the kiddos and take a quick walk in the meantime
  • Park as far as possible from the entrance to your job, the grocery store, etc. and speed walk to and from
  • Do squats at your desk every time you are put on hold
  • Turn on music while cooking dinner and dance-cook
  • When you have to run upstairs for something, double the trip

Little bits can add up to big results!


– Kate Milde, Contributing Writer


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