7 Tips For a Faster Metabolism

A healthy Metabolism is essential to losing weight and maintaining your weight loss.  This holds especially true as we age.  Unfortunately the older we get the slower our metabolism also gets.  This makes it even more challenging to take off and keep off those unnecessary pounds.  It’s not even just age that causes these dramatic shifts in metabolic speed. There are many external factors that put a kink in our process like activity level, weight, and genetics.  However there are a few things we can do to help speed up and support function of our metabolism.

Here are seven helpful tips on speeding up your Metabolism for you to try:

1. Eat regularly – the key here is eating on a consistent basis.  The longer there is between eating meals the more your body levels (blood sugar….etc) start to tank.  This results not only in that ravaged: “I’m starving! Get me anything including that candy bar or cheeseburger” but it also affects the speed of your metabolism.  You need to continue to eat small meals throughout the day to keep your body in sync. Yes one time’s not going to rock the boat but doing this day after day will slow you down.

2. Eat breakfast – I know you’ve heard the whole “break the fast” = breakfast comparison so why are you still not eating breakfast?  You’ve just slept for 8 hours and you haven’t eaten anything for the past 12 hours.  This is why breakfast is so important, as it fuels you for your day and is essential to having a healthy metabolism.

3. Be Active -Upping activity level will help your body use calories as fuel.  With the addition of interval training this helps spike your heart rate and resistance levels, helping the body to burn even more calories and upping your metabolism.

4. Spice it up – Pour on the Sriracha sauce!  Consuming spicy foods has been shown to elevate your metabolism a short while after consuming them.

5. Strength Train – your body burns more calories when there is more muscles and runs more efficiently.  Add in some weight training into your gym routine to reap these benefits.

6. Get More Sleep – How many hours of sleep are you getting each night?  Giving your body fair amount of time to rest 6-8 hours daily will help your body run and burn at top efficiency levels.

7. Drink more water – According to Active.com a German study found that those that consumed 6 glasses of cold water a day burned 50 more calories a day!  After a years time that can add up to as much as 5 lbs lost.

Written by Kimberly Evans Kimberly Evans


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