Valentines Day Candy On A Leash

Sure V-day is that holiday that rolls around every year where we remember those we love and oh yea, eat some err…ok… a lot of chocolate! Ever wondered how much you just ate as you max out a box of mixed chocolate licking the remnants off your lips? Well I think its safe to assume a bit too much.

But you dont have to be a slave to the guilt ridden after factor with this handy reference sheet I found allowing you to still indulge without packing on pounds. Use this100 calorie candy guide to reference next week when your son brings home a grocery bag full of chocolate from school or a coworker conveniently decides to feel spirited and treat everyone to a breakroom stash of tempting chocolate. You can do it…one 100 calorie portion and walk away! This should fill the craving without expanding your waistlines. Good luck!

100-Calorie Pictures of Valentine’s Candy | Poster –

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