Creative Ways To Sneak In Daily Exercise

“I work full-time, have children or family members to take care of, a dog to walk and by the time I’ve finished those chores I’m beat.”  Does this sound familiar?  I bet the answer is yes and if it is you are far from alone. 

Did you know the minimum weekly requirements for exercise are 150 minutes of moderate intensity workouts and 2 or more days of multi-muscle strength training?  Approximately 7 in 10 adults are NOT achieving this goal and that is not ok.  Exercise goes far beyond the physical aspects.  It helps out your cardiovascular system and heart. Exercising helps increase your muscle mass to help your body work more efficiently and can help you as you age from muscle and bone loss.  Exercising can even help you have more energy and sleep better at night.  So after reading those facts it seems like a no brainer to incorporate something daily, right?

Here’s where I can help.  Below are some every day easy suggestions of ways you can meet and exceed the weekly minimum of activity:

* Try incorporating 10 push ups either immediately when you wake up or after brushing your teeth in the evening and 10 lunges.  Can’t do 10 yet?  Try 5 and work your way up to 10.  Feel like 10 is too little do 20. This will not only tone your arms and legs over time but will chip away at some of the strength training weekly minimums.

* Clean your house weekly.  Spend 45 minutes – 1 hour every week doing household chores like laundry and washing/sweeping floors or vaccuming…etc.  Housework is great physical activity and will chip away at the cardio/strength portions of the week.  Added bonus:  a clean house!  Imagine that.

* Take the stairs. Can’t get outside?  Do you have stairs in your house?  If you are able to get up and down them safely then walking or running up and down the stairs 10 times  three days a week is a great way to up the activity and build in some muscle.

* Skip the car/bus/train – Save yourself between $2-$7 a trip and walk.  If you are within a mile of your destination and allot for enough times that a great way to get in a brisk walk.  Do this 2-3 times a week 15-20 minutes a trip.   Alternate option here would be to park your car at the end of the aisle in a parking lot away from the stores when shopping or going to work… sure you may have to push a cart full of groceries but that is the point!

*Use your 15 minute break or lunch break wisely.  Do you just sit and eat at your desk?  Then there’s no reason  you can’t either get out for a 15-30 minute walk or if it’s too cold outside you can have a light pair (3-5lb) of hand weights available to you.  Before lunch do 8-15 reps and after lunch do another set.  You can do kickbacks for the underarm giggle, bicep curls, or should raises.  Incorporate your leg muscles too… incorporate in your sets squats to get in even more benefits.

Hopefully I’ve listed above some easy ways to fit exercise into your daily life without going to the gym or taking away from your busy lifestyles.  Just think if you fit in time to surf the net today or check your personal email you can add in at least one of the above!


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