How Essential Is Protein To Your Body?

Examples of high-protein foods are tofu, dairy...

How much protein are you incorporating in your diet?  Protein is an enormous asset for the body in helping build lean muscle and sustain your daily body performance.  It’s amazing the difference it can make by skimping on something your body needs to function safely.  Here’s a personal example:  Last year in March I decided to try my own cleanse and rid meat from my diet for one month.  Now I am a very active person walking 3 plus miles a day and working out 4-5 days a week so as you can see getting the correct nutrients is essential for proper functioning of my body.

  As the month progressed I began feeling very sluggish and noticed a lot on canker sores starting to develop in my mouth.  I went for a regular annual doctors check up and had my blood drawn.  My doctor was a bit alarmed as my white blood cell count was riding too low.  She sent me to a specialist to further investigate and make sure there wasn’t something else going on.  After the results came back that it was indeed low but there were no abnormalities my mom decided to intervene as she was convinced I was depleting my body of necessary protein.  She insisted I give up my meat free diet and make a steak for me instead.  After eating that and fazing meat back into my life all of a sudden I had more energy, the painful canker sores disappeared and my white blood count went back to more of a normal range.  So as you can learn from my lesson not giving your body something as essential as protein can really take a toll on it. 

I came across an article in the most recent Fitness magazine all on protein.  I found it quite interesting and reaffirming of what I already knew to be true.  Here were my key takeaways:

* Protein takes more energy for your body to breakdown than carbs or fat.  More energy = more calories burned (+)

 *Is excellent after a workout when your body is in need of nutrients to help build lean muscle and repair the body

* Helps keep you full longer

* You do not need to overdose on protein.  Women specifically only need about 65 grams a day.  According to the USDA the average women gets about 69 grams so we’re doing just fine.

So to conclude make sure you keep protein in your life in some form that works for you.  I’m curious to hear any thoughts you guys

 have on the subject? Would you say you are you more of a meat focused or plant based consumer?  What’s the top source of protein you like to indulge in (peanut butter, steak, salmon, tofu)?


2 thoughts on “How Essential Is Protein To Your Body?

  1. Oh, I forgot 0 fat Greek Yogurt. That too is a staple. I’m taking it for lunch today with fresh blueberries, red grapes and some walnuts.

  2. I prefer protein to carbs, always veggies and fruit are good. My top picks for protein in order are: nuts (daily), fish, chicken, eggs, burgers (could be turkey or a mix) an occasional steak, and

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