2013 Top Nutrition Trends

2013 Top Nutrition Trends

I came across this article when searching the web for fad diets and other interesting evolutions to expect this year.  Of course I’m sure as the year progresses another “ancient” roots diet may resurface in those looking to be closer to our original stomping grounds when life first began (think Paleo diet) in an attempt to solve that ever tricky puzzle of the right balance between exercise and diet.  My opinion?  Well first I think there’s no one “ultimate” solution.  Just like clothes there are different solutions for everyone. I choose to pick a one two punch kind of mentality. I live a healthy lifestyle (90 percent healthy diet plus regular exercise) and track my activity/foods so I can’t lie to myself.  The verdict is it got me in shape 8 years ago when I had spiraled out of control, and kept me in shape despite having a child and continues to ever since.

How about you?  Which diet are you following and why?  Are you hard core organic, gluten free, vegetarian, or one of those folk who likes jumping onboard the latest diet trend?


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