New Year, New View

We are drawing upon the drop of the ball.  A time where we say goodbye to what this year has held for us and look on to what 2013 may hold for our future.  It’s a bright outlook where anything is possible.  What’s on your list?  I think my resolution this year will be around finding peace with myself.  If you’re like me your ever-busy, like to go nonstop, and never take a second to catch your breathe or admire the view.  My goal is to slow-down and invest more in those things in my life that bring me joy.

I found some pretty interesting stats from a site called Statistic Brain ( that I thought were worth sharing.  Did you know that over 45% of Americans will set New Year’s resolutions this year?  Furthermore a good 38% will be regarding weight and 34% regarding money?  I also discovered about 45% of new years resolutions are still alive and kicking after 6 months.  This means it’s totally possible to set a goal and keep it if you want it badly enough.  So what advice can I give you in terms of picking the right goal?  Here’s a few suggestions I came across in an article from a blog called Goal Setting guides ( if you need a little help:

1. Make it specific – this gives you less opportunity to find wiggle room to wiggle out of it.

2. Make it realistic – winning the lotto, losing 40 pounds, or paying off your mortgage might be a little over ambitious… after all the last thing you want is to set yourself up for something you know is not going to happen.

3. Make it known – write it in a journal, tell family and friends.  What better than a support group that way it’s even more motivation to complete as you know your Aunt Kathy come Thanksgiving will wonder how your kickboxing classes or gluten-free blog is going.

4. Make it measurable by time – Now an exact date or hour can be anxiety producing but setting something like a in 3 weeks goal or an approximate date will give you something to work towards without causing panic.

5. Make it fun and rewarding- There is nothing more demotivating than a goal that’s a burdon.  Who wants to work toward achieving a goal if it’s viewed negatively?  Choose your resolution wisely and you’ll set yourself up for success.

I wish you the best of luck.  Here’s to you, your health, your goals, and a wonderful 2013!  Cheers!



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