5 Essential Holiday Survival Tips

Holiday season is in full swing and before we bat an eye it will be gone until next year.  While we are in a crazed eyes-wide state of awe let’s try and remember who we are, who we are not, what the true meaning of Christmas/holidays are. Now you can’t do this along and to help you with your journey here are some helpful tips for your body and mind to take with you this Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year.

1. Keep Christmas in your heart – Remember what the season is about and is not about.  So you don’t have a massive budget to buy everyone on your list, or you can’t buy your child that ultimate Atari remake they saw on a Bed, Bath & Beyond commercial take a deep breath it will be ok.  Just seeing your warm face and spending time with family and friends is worth its weight in gold.  Go outside sledding if you’re fortunate enough to have snow now and bring a thermos of hot cocoa to share.  Or go for a drive at night with the family and look at the gorgeous Christmas lights.  Afterall that’s reason you spent 5 hours on your day off putting them up right, so people could gawk at them?  If you really must feel you need to accommodate everyone with something tangible – bake some sugar cookies or gingerbread men and share them with family members.  It really is the thought that counts and what kid young or old doesn’t like cookies!

2. Stay away from eggnog!  With 400 calories plus per glass, the only exception to this rule is if you are training to be a sumo wrestler and need to pack on extra pounds quick, you starved yourself all day just for this meal of a glass or it was made with Hungry Girl‘s fantastic light egg nog recipe: http://bit.ly/ROCmpx

3. Fit in a workout – Try to sneak even a 15 minute workout somewhere on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or both.  You’ll be happy you did.  Remember you can count things like shoveling, baking or cleaning house too they all torch massive calories and needed to get done anyways! 😉

4. Take a time out – For sanity sake, give yourself a time out once per holiday day even if it’s 5 minutes.  Emotions run high during the holidays and the extra noise and clutter from full houses can really take a toll on your tolerance levels.  A scheduled time out is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and allow you to make the most out of family time.

The tips above aren’t no brainers but they are things we often know but forget.  Enjoy the holidays they go by too quickly.   I wish you a happy, healthy holiday season and safe new year.

Happy holidays from HoneyCrunched!


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