Hunger and Food Memory – Are They Related?

Thanks to a friend I stumbled upon a recent food memory article published on NPR’s blog called “The Salt”.   Reading the article further affirmed my believe in people having a food memory hours after they’ve eaten.  Let me explain:  in the article a group of testers were separated into two groups.  Each group was shown an image of a bowl or cup of tomato soup.  Later they were sent to a cubicle where they were then given either the bowl or cup of soup to consume (the difference being 200 ml).  They were told to eat until a special marked line in the soup so neither group really knew how much they consumed.  Initially the group that ate more was fuller.  However a few hours later when both groups should have been hungry it was the group that saw a picture of the larger bowl of soup that felt fuller. Thus memory of how large food dishes are can retain in our minds to further help us out later.

What’s useful about the potential to use this information to help control the # of calories eaten in a day.  What do you think?  Do you believe in food memory? Test it out next time lunchtime comes around.  See if you can trick your mind..

Here’s the full article:



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