To Eat Chips or Not To Eat Chips…

Well glad Thanksgiving is over, if only the never-ending supply of pie in my house would just disappear!  And no I cannot throw it out… moderation is the key – it’s because of that it’s not completely gone to begin with!  Enough on leftovers though and time for some enlightenment about snacks, specifically chips!

We all like to snack and no asking you or me to switch over to strictly carrots and sugar snap peas is not a sustainable solution.  I do watch a lot of what I eat however I have that “blackout” period between work and dinner that I like to snack.  So below are my top 5 favorite chips I keep under 200 calories and satisfy that need my body asks for:

* Mind you I do take into account calories in the below… I do not take into account salt as for medical reasons mine is always too low so I’m fortunate not to have to watch this heavily.  If you do however I can’t promise the below doesn’t have a large amount…

1. Skinny Pop popcorn – 4 cups is 150 calories!  It tastes great and allows you to mindlessly munch without digging yourself in a hole!

2. Veggie Straws – Rosemary and Olive Oil is my FAVORITE kind of these.  These too offer a satisfying serving size

3. Goldfish – any kind it’s even fun to mix up a few types like cupcake with pretzels and cheddar.  Once again serving size is upwards of 30 fish.

4. Reduced Guilt Cheese Puffs (Trader Joes) – This fills that cheesy void and allows for 35 of these! 

5. Snyder Pretzels – Mini Pretzels are excellent to snack on.  They come in at 20 mini pretzels for 110.  Not too shabby!

What are you’re favorites?  Share with us!


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