Skip the Gym & Get a Great Workout

As the dark winter approaches we are more likely to not want to leave our homes to go workout, but instead curl up with some warm food and a blanket on the couch. However that very habit contributes to why we are apt to gain more weight during the fall/winter seasons than spring or summer.

   Alas Ive got great news for you! You no longer need to go to the gym to get in the best shape of your life. You can do this right at home you just have to be willing to make the time for it. Below are 5 common excuses we use to skip working out at home challenged:

1. I dont have time.
A: Make time its as simple as that. There is nothing worse than  complaining about a situation and not willing to change anything to make it better.  Have stairs at home? Use them to do sets up and down…try for 8 times up/down = 1. If thats too easy add more until its too challenging to do one more rep. No stairs use a trunk or step stool. Still to easy? Hold weights in your hands.

Targets: butt, thighs, cardiovascular system

2. I dont know what to do.
A: see above for an idea, look up free workouts online, get a fitness magazine, or just come up with a combination of running in place, squats, lunges, stomach crunches, pushups.

Targets: total body

3. My family is home I have no where to work out.
A. pretty much all low and high intensity exercises can be done in place you only need as much room as a yoga mat would take up. Can you find that space in your bedroom, kitchen,.office, or living room?

4. I have kids to watch.
A: So do I and guess what? She loves watching and imitating what I or the people in the video do while working out. When shes had enough she just goes on with playing with her dolls off to the side. There is nothing wrong with your kids seeing you workout in fact it sets a good example of living a healthy lifestyle.

5. I have no time before work and no energy after
A: Fit it in where you can. 10minutes here 30 minutes there. the mosy important part is getting over the not wanting to workout hump. Once you start working out youll release how much better you feel.,Youll gain extra energy and release stress who can beat that combo!

So I challenge you for the next 30 days to get in min. 3 days of exercise a week. That means you get 4 days off a week!  Let me know how it goes.


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