Stop Eating Off Your Child’s Plate!


eating? (Photo credit: mitikusa)

Scenario #1:

”Michael please eat the rest of your food, there is still a ton left” you say.
”NO! I dont want to!” argues Michael.

Begrudgingly you snatch the plate saying, ”Fine no dessert for you then.” But as you walk away you cant help but feel guilty throwing out 1/2 turkey sandwich thinking about either how much money you waste throwing perfectly good food out every week or thinking about all the people starving around the world. So to resolve that you eat it.

Scenario #2:

How about when you are making their dinner and you are starving so you cant help but snag a couple pretzels while putting some on their plates. Guilty!

Whatever the reason or scenario it might be the fact remains we all do this at some point and if it’s on a regular basis you may be totally unaware that those 5 chips everyday add up to over an extra pound if weight gain a year!

Its little things like not eating off your child’s plate that we can do to prevent excess weight gain. If you really played your cards right you could turn this scenario around to a potential weight loss occasion by saving the other half of your childs meal you know they wont eat and in turn eat that coupled by fruits or veggies to compliment as your meal too.

If we know that approximately 3500 calories = 1 pound then we can conclude that eating those few pretzels or half of a sandwich (100 calories) whether it’s once ever day or even once a week can add up to an extra 5,200 -36,500 calories a year = anywhere from 1-10lb EXTRA weight gain a year!  That’s just off those extra scraps…  don’t forget to add-on to that yearly # holiday weight gain, winter weight gain, and weight gain from age!

So as you can see this is a super easy habit to take out of your life with rewarding benefits.  We’re all busy, short on exercise, and challenged enough in our own food decision-making why add another layer of complication when you don’t need to?


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