Artificial vs. Regular Sugar – What’s your Stance?

Sweeteners 24 Diner Austin, Texas

Sweeteners 24 Diner Austin, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When it comes to sweeteners what side of the fence do you sit on?  Are you an all natural no sugar added type?  Or perhaps artificial sugar intimidates you so you stick with regular sugar, honey, agave nectar or sugar in the raw. Still yet maybe you like sweet things but want to avoid the extra calories taken in from using the real deal so you opt for one of the artificial alternatives?  Well truthfully, whichever side of the fence your on with the exception of those who don’t need to add extra sugar – we envy you, there are pluses and minus to contradict both choices.


Here is a slide show I found from Fit Sugar that goes through the details on some of the most common found sugar options:


My personal preferences to the types of sugar have changed throughout my life.  When I was a kid obviously fake sugar was the last thing I would have tried, but as I became adult and regular tea/coffee drinker I started using Equal and Sweet n Low, still after becoming pregnant with my daughter I knew i couldn’t void sugar from my life completely but did want to change something so I rid aspartame and nutrasweet from my diet completely and started using Splenda.  I now continue to use Splenda but have been making a conscious effort to not put it on everything.  As the saying goes, there can be too much of a good thing.


So I ask you what’s your sugar preference and why?



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