Do You Know What Your Eating?

My inspiration for this article comes from an enticing email I received in my inbox while at work yesterday.  It was from Corner Bakery advertising their newest addition: bacon tomato mac and cheese and how for a “limited time only” I was fortunate enough to receive a free cafe size…  whoopee!

Yea, not quite.  Right off the bat to save myself from giving in to the freebie, I  searched online for Corner Bakery’s nutrition instead to further confirm my suspicion that this cafe side would do much more damage than good in feeding my need for “warm, comfort food”.  As I scrolled through the nutritional info and found this exact one I almost fell off my chair – literally…now luckily they didn’t have the exact nutrition of the cafe size but the entrée size instead.  If they would have had the cafe size I for sure would have definitely been on the floor.  Entrée size: 1140 calories!!!!  Are you kidding me? Which could only mean that the cafe size has to be over 500 plus calories for a dinky sample size!  Sound like a filling lunch to anyone?  So not worth it.

This got me thinking on a bigger scale to the three biggest pitfall in our weight loss, maintenance, whatever you want to call it lifestyles: lack of research/knowledge, willpower or just flat-out denial.  The nutritional counts are out there and available most of the time for those really looking to see them.  Some places, believe it or not, have them displayed in the store.  Just look around. That means there is no excuse for the oops I didn’t know it was that bad approach.  If you are trying to make heathy decisions and watch your weight then its definitely in your best interest to do a bit of work/research. After all we should have learned growing up that nothing comes easy…

Ok so what if you can’t look it up online or it’s not posted now what?  If you’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place knowing if something is good for you then either DON’T GET IT or get it and immediately put half in a take home container or give it away.  Eating smart inside and outside of your home just involves a little self-discipline.



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