What Type of Metabolism Do You Have?

A few weeks ago Dr. Oz released an article on the different types of metabolisms.  He broke them down into three different types: Type A, Type B, and Type C with each having its own defined characteristics and needs.  In order to determine which of those types you have he also added a 4 question quiz on items like salty versus sweet, heavy appetite versus light appetite.  Here’s a link to the quiz for you to find out what yours is: Metabolic Type   While it’s not 100% as if you would have metabolic testing done it does get close to at least offering a direction to better understanding your body.

I took the quiz and scored Type A…. seems Type A fits the bill for my personality over all!  This is helpful in referring back to his article on the approximate breakdown of daily protein/carbs/fat that keeps my body running at it’s best.  Turns out I’m not too far off my current plan, good news!  I challenge you to take the quiz for yourself and determine your metabolic rate.  What did you score?


Dr Oz‘s: Eat Right For Your Metabolic Type



3 thoughts on “What Type of Metabolism Do You Have?

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    • At least now we know right! Problem solved 😉 Totally makes sense that the science behind metabolism is not a one fits all solution.

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