American Obesity Rates Soar!

This post comes in light of recent studies in the news about America and obesity.  The CDC states that by 2030 the average obesity rates across all states will be 44%.  They further mention that in 13 of the states it will be over 60%!!  This is not so much shocking as it is sobering EVERYTIME a study like this comes out.  I had done a post similar to this several months back and unfortunately the stats aren’t reversing instead diving further down the rabbit hole.  So who’s to blame?  Well one could start pointing the finger at food companies, schools, places of employment, government etc but what good would that really do?  America would still eat and the numbers would still soar.

  As far as the Presidential election goes, I know something like obesity rates is not a forerunning topic on the politicians minds.  However I think it should be.  After all they mention a lot about healthcare costs rising and how they can combat that while offering medical insurance to the masses.  But what the root of a large chunk of the problem is stems from what we are and have been eating!  It’s not only obesity that’s gained from excessive calories and fat, it is a lack of activity and all the diseases and ailments that stem out of a combo of the two: heart problems, lung problems, diabetes, to name a few…  Which is why I think it’s great that McDonald’s is finally going to start posting nutritional values on foods everywhere.  I also think it’s fantastic that New York is leading the masses by posting their nutritional information everywhere and most recently outlawing pop over 16oz!  That way those of us who do care about our health can actually confidently go out to eat and know we made a good choice instead of just guessing that what we ate might have been healthy.  

  The one piece to this spiraling funnel is that there is no one size fits all solution. There are those of us who do really care about what they eat and there are others who have an inkling but really just don’t care.  Do you think it’s a better solution to:

a.) Post nutritional information on fast food sites.

b.) Make the choice easier for American’s and limit the amount of calories or fat or sugar manufacturing companies can use in their products.

Source Information Courtesy of:  The Chicago Tribune,0,7166415.story


2 thoughts on “American Obesity Rates Soar!

  1. Obesity besides increasing your risks for certain diseases also puts you at risks for surgery and increased morbidity at young ages.

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