Intense Yoga – Step Outside Your Limits

Dynamic Yoga

I have a new-found love for yoga.  I used to stereotype yoga as a slow, too boring, non active form of exercise and assumed because of the lack of intensity it was a waste of a workout and lacked a good calorie burn.  However I had stumbled upon a deal online for the yoga studio on my corner that was too good to pass up

I decided to check out a class called “Yoga Sculpt” just to see if I could change my mind.  Boy did I!  I not only found that it offered that intense focus and escape from everyday stress, life, and problems but it also challenged my stength and focus beyond belief!  In little over an hour I had worked up a sweat as if I was running 5 miles outside, and had extended my leg and arm strength to the max.  I left the class feeling light and refreshed.

After feeling inspired from that class I decided to challenge myself to the two-hour dynamic class on Fridays.  I was blown away by he hard poses and skills it took to complete the class.  We were balancing in head stands, hand stands, back bends and all different types of ways my body had not been in years!  I once again came out drenching wet and happy.

So I have changed my mind, went outside my stereotypes and comfort zone and in turn found a great type of workout to add to my weekly exercise routines.  My advice to you is try to go beyond your preconceived notions on things and try them.  You never know the impact you could be missing out on.


2 thoughts on “Intense Yoga – Step Outside Your Limits

  1. People always think that yoga is too relaxing and not really exercise, but they have never experienced Bikram Yoga, CorePower Yoga, Yoga Sculpt or any other form of yoga.

    When I took my first Bikram class, I fell in love instantly, despite being unable to do most of the asanas.

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