Easy Moves To Help Stretch Tight Shoulders

Sitting at a desk job day over day ,week over week, and year after year take a large toll on your body and health.  Studies show that those who sit daily for over 40 hours a week have an increased risk for back pain, neck pain, stress injuries, obesity, carpal tunnel… to name a few.

I have already begun seeing some of these effects from bad posture at work.  For instance, my biggest problem like most desk professions are in my neck and shoulders.  Years of slouched, incorrect desk posture have begun having wrath on my body and my body is not liking it!

I recently went to a Chiropractor because of neck and shoulder pain.  My neck felt like it was on fire!  Turns out I had a slipped disc in my neck from hunched over posture at my desk!  Yes I hurt myself by just sitting at my desk for ungodly hours… crazy.

Thanks to her she cracked me in places in my neck and back I didn’t even know could crack and gave me some great exercises to do throughout the day to try and push my shoulders back.  this was something I was not used to.  I grew up a ballerina and had great posture.  In fact I would get comments on how I walked and stood tall… I should have noticed those comments over the years have faded and I’m guessing my slowing curving shoulders are to blame.

I was looking up daily news stories a few days ago and came across an article on Fit Sugar that had a few great yoga poses to hep relieve some pressure in your shoulders and stretch that overall area out. I’ve been trying them daily and have already begun to feel better, I suggest you give them a whirl too. Good luck to you and remember, standing tall with shoulders back and chest up makes you not only look taller but slimmer too!

Yoga Sequence For Tight Shoulders.


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