Natural Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

As we age gradually our metabolism slows down too.  According to Web MD, your metabolism starts slowing down around age 40 then continues to decrease by 5% every decade after that.  Heredity also plays a big role in your metabolism speed.  Is it always the reason behind the extra pounds you might be carrying around?  Probably not, but it could play a factor.  So what can you do without going through extensive metabolic testing to naturally boost your metabolism on your own time?  I came across an article in Shape magazine that mentioned 6 quick ways to boost your metabolism.

* Hot peppers – Chili peppers are famous for piping up your metabolism and their also great for curbing cravings.  If you can handle the heat kick up that spicy bloody mary or add some spicy peppers next time you eat Mexican or Thai food.

* Whole grains – It’s the dietary fiber and complex carbs that make whole grains an effective metabolism booster.   In addition whole grains are well-known for reducing your risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure, reducing asthma symptoms, the list goes on.  Just make sure you are getting whole grains and not whole wheat or multigrain.  Believe it or not they are not the same thing.

* Coffee – Due to its stimulant qualities on your nervous system, just one cup can boost metabolic rates 5-7%!

* Vinegar – The acid in vinegar works great for aiding in breaking down fat as well as controlling blood-sugar levels.  Skip the creamy dressing next salad you have and pour on some vinegar (there are many flavor versions) and olive oil.  Your body will thank you.

* Citrus – Orange anyone?  Yes please.  Citrus helps regulate your insulin levels and in turn helps you burn fat.

* Spices – Go ahead and don’t be shy on the spice next time you cook.  Add an extra sprinkle of cinnamon to your morning oatmeal or toast.  Turmeric is also an excellent spice to use for its potent metabolism boosting properties.

What’s important here is that the 6 items above play additional roles in your health.  So not only helping kick your sluggish metabolism, these options are great for reducing everything from your chances of cancer to clogged arteries.  So which of the above are you incorporating in your meals this week?

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