5 Easy Homemade Lunches Under 400 Calories

I don’t know about you but come 11-11:30am during the work week I am usually starving! This doesn’t matter if I consumed a hearty bowl of oatmeal in the morning or a lot of protein and fiber, the verdict is I’m still starving. So to help combat that feeling I concocted 5 lunch option sure to not bust your gut but keep you stacked for the afternoon hours ahead of you.

1. Loaded potato – This is a fantastic option for anyone that has access to a microwave during their work hours. It’s easy enough to bring to work and will not leave you hungry. Bring a potato (regular or sweet potato is up to you). Cook in the microwave for roughly 7 minutes depending on size. Bring your favorite toppings and you’re all set! What are my go to topping? Light Sour Cream, a sprinkle of fat-free shredded cheddar and an individual frozen microwavable pack of broccoli/cheese tops my list. Or if you’re in a Mexican mood sprinkle some reduced fat cheddar cheese and salsa on top. If it’s a sweet potato cinnamon and a dash of a reduced fat butter does the trick.

2. Healthy Cobb Salad – Who ever said you can’t enjoy your favorite salad? Just make a few substitutions and you’re all set!  mixed greens, 1/2-1 egg white, 1/4 avocado cubed, cherry tomatoes, reduced fat or fat-free blue cheese crumbles, and a fat-free balsamic or a creamy low-calorie dressing like Trader Joe’s Champaign Parmesan (only 20 calories for 1 tbsp.).           

3. Greek Tuna Salad – iceberg lettuce, fat-free feta crumbles, 5 diced kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, thin sliced cucumber, and a low calories dressing like Vino de Milo’s Artichoke Parmesan dressing. (Optional – take a 1/2-1 can of tuna in water.  Flake and add to salad for added protein)

3. Peanut Butter Stuffed -Take one serving of peanut butter, spread over both sides of a lightly toasted english muffin or fiber-filled bread of choice, add 1/2 diced banana slices and apple slices on english muffin and you’re done!  Finish remaining portion of apply.

4. Snack Box – Big kids welcome!  This is my favorite go to lunch many times a week – Multi-grain or whole grain crackers (Special K multi-grain crackers are 24 for a mere 120 calories!  Less really is more sometimes.) Laughing Cow or Weight Watchers cheese spread, deli meat of choice (2-3 thin pieces), slice red and green pepper strips, avocado chunks, or cucumber.  You can even throw in some baby carrots or fruit like grapes/cherries etc.

5. Tabbouleh – Near East offers a box of Tabbouleh next to all the other rice boxes in most stores. Pre-making this the day before so it has time to chill over night is essential but really not time-consuming as it’s rice so a little boiling water and olive oil are the only additional ingredients you need to prepare it.  Now when you compile it for lunch I like adding fat-free feta on top with diced parsley, lemon juice, diced tomato and even some flaked tuna or cubed red pepper is a great addition.


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