Benefits of Exercise: Get Moving!

I stumbled upon an article on  an app on my phone yesterday – by the way if you have a smartphone check out Pulse, I’m in love with this app as i can monitor all the major daily headlines in news, politics, tech trends, weather, exercise, nutrition, and even fun facts from the onion in a few clicks, it’s totally customizable (not a plug, I just really enjoy this app)- that said, I came across a great article from Shape on 12 benefits of exercise.  Let’s take a closer look at  6 on the list and see if they motivate you. I don’t think it’s off to assume we all know the excellent benefits exercising has on our bodies.  Whether or not we choose to do anything about that vital information is another thing.  Putting your doubts, lack of motivation, children, busy schedule, or whatever other objection aside let’s look at some proven motivational reasons to get your butt up off that couch or computer chair and get moving.

1. 50% decrease in the number of colds you’ll have annually if you put in at least 30 minutes of basic exercise a day (i.e. walk your dog, go up and down your apartment building stairs…)

2. 58% decrease in the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

3.  6 hours after your workout your body temps dip, which experts say make it easier in falling asleep (body needs to repair itself, hence more likely to have a good, restful nights sleep)

4.  Improved levels of concentration – Those who exercise for 30 minutes before performing tasks demonstrated a more efficient working memory than those that did not exercise.

5. 9% increase in your earning power (think you’re exercising you not only feel better about yourself, you look better and healthier and other people notice)

6.  14% decrease in your risk for coronary heart disease

To see what other benefits were on the list check out the Shape article below.  Now stop reading, get  outside, and get moving!


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