A Parent’s Guide To Children & Obesity

children & obesity

A heated topic especially as more and more families and individuals strive to live a healthier life is children’s health.  As more and more children are reaching the obesity index you have to stop and wonder what are these children eating?  I was forwarded a great article recently called “Are You Making Your Kids Fat” and I wanted to take a few moments to reference this.  Being the mother of an almost three-year old I definitely am aware of the challenges with feeding and getting children to actually eat the healthy items you have put on their plates.

So what can we as parents do to change this?  Well, this article from Yahoo suggests a few things that can even be integrated into your life as a parent that can make a huge impact on how your child grows up.  Here are some of the ideas they suggested:

1. Watching your bmi before and during pregnancy.  Studies show that pregnant obese women have a higher chance of passing that obesity on to their children starting in the womb.

2. Eat a healthy diet full of veggies and nuts while breastfeeding

3. Keep exposing your child to new foods.  It can take 15 plus times of exposing a child to a certain food for them to start eating it.

4.  Turn off the tv

5. Eat dinner together

6.  Lose weight yourself – set a good example for your children by getting healthy

7. Engage in some sort of physical activity to set the example

While I agree with the majority of the points made, having a young child is exhausting as is.  If you work full-time and come home tired it’s so easy to just give in to convenience and put something not as nutritional on both you and your child’s plate.   This is where you as a parent need to step up and combat that tiredness to cut some watermelon or saute spinach for 2 minutes to put on to their plates.  I try to expose my daughter to all sorts of veggies and fruits.  Although it is super frustrating giving them to her to be mutilated and possible launched on the floor, I know in the end it will make a difference.  In fact my daughter actually ate brussel sprouts that other day!  Living proof right there.  I recently read that sometimes you need to expose children to foods up to 15 times before they actually start eating them.

The main point to remember though is to not force them to eat it.  Yes I know you just slaved over a hot stove in 100 degree weather and no air sauteing that spinach and they didn’t eat a single piece of it but trust that in time and patience they will test it and perhaps even end of really liking it.

Are you a parent with a picky eater?  Do you encounter this struggle with your children?  Have some great ideas that work for picky eaters?  Shout them out, we’d love to hear them!

(Source: http://shine.yahoo.com/team-mom/making-kids-fat-133100891.html)


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