Healthy Salad or Death Trap?

Salads can be fantastic for you and your body but can be a caloric meltdown as well.  This is not old news and it’s a no brainer… think about it.  If you eat a salad containing clearly over an ounce or two of cheese, with bacon, meats, sour cream, or any type of creamy dressing you’ve pretty much guaranteed at least 500 calories in that puppy.  That’s not to say that by controlling the ingredients on your salad and getting dressing on the side that you can’t ever eat a cob or taco salad.  You just have to tread lightly….

I found a great article in Shape magazine the other day on “12  Salads Worse Than a Big Mac” and wanted to share with you: 

In addition to further help you save your waistline, here are my top 3 strategies for ordering salads:

1. ALWAYS get dressing on the side.  Even better?  Use half of what they give you.  Dressing is meant to compliment that salad not drown it.

2. Pick ONE Protein.  To keep calories in check and still keep you full protein is essential just choose wisely pick one of the following: beans (black, chickpeas), nuts (sunflower, almond, walnut…), egg, shredded chicken, cubed steak, diced tofo, or salmon/tuna sans mayo

3. Watch your crunchies. Bear in mind sometimes just  5 homemade croutons can cost you 60 calories plus!  Skip the tortilla strips, fried wontons, croutons etc unless you truly know the nutritionals and can spare the added calories.

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