Healthy Living Step 2: Move On!

I mentioned in the first post of this three part segment, Internalize, there are three things you can do to start building yourself a path to healthy living.  The whole idea around step one is so that you will internalize the problem at hand.  Realize that nothing comes easy and if you don’t take that initial moment to figure out what’s going on with your body and where you are wanting to be, nothing is going to change.

To give you an idea of who am I to speak on this, I come from a place where I didn’t always “succeed” in the weight department.  After college I partied, didn’t exercise, got no more than four to five hours of sleep a night, and ate whatever the hell I wanted.  Shockingly enough that trend led me to an overall 35 pound weight gain!  It took me to having to borrow my mom’s “fat suit” for a job interview to face the cold, hard music.  I finally caught on to what I wanted to change and how much I was willing to dedicate myself from that point on to make a change.

Over the course of the next three years I slowly watched what I ate, cut out the really bad stuff, increased exercising, and got those precious seven to eight hours of sleep.  I finally reached where I wanted to be and because I internalized it and I didn’t force change.  It formed to being a part of my life.  End result? I lost the 35 pounds and have managed to maintain that loss throughout a pregnancy and after!

So good luck, reach out and communicate with someone if you need help with the process, and stay strong like kicking any bad habits no one likes it at first but it will grow on you.


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