The Amazing Avocado

I’d like to take a moment and put a spotlight on our dear friend the avocado.  Avocado‘s have gotten a bad rap for years as having “too much fat“.  However as we began learning more as a society and taking a closer look into foods for their nutritional benefits we realized not all fat is equal.  On top of that those who regularly eat avocado experience everything from more lustrous hair, smoother skin, more pliable nails, fewer joint problems, slimmer belly, and even an improved mental function.  What’s not to like about it!  Did I also fail to mention it’s jam packed with tons of vitamins and minerals?

Here are some facts courtesy of

* Avocado’s are sodium and cholesterol free (Yes!)

* There are only 5 grams of fat per serving of which are the good monounsaturated kind

* They are fruits… not vegetables

* You will find avocado’s in approx. 43% of all US Households!

* Avocado planted from seed can take anywhere from 5 to over 12 years to produce fruit

Check out these unconventional  uses:

* Shaving cream – goodbye Gillette!

* Hand Cream

* Face mask

* Sunburn aid-  ahhh I feel better already


Now what can we eat them with?  Here are my favorite uses:

* Slice into a salad

* Smear on a meat or veggie sandwich

* add to eggs for an avocado omelet

* Make into guacamole and use with Mexican dishes like nachos and tacos

* Stuff with everything from tuna salad to tomatoes, let your creativity shine!


We want to hear your ideas!  How do you use the ever-nutritious avocado?






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