Fourth of July Tips – Help! I’m At A BBQ, What Do I Eat?

fourth of july


We’ve all been there especially over the summer, those much beloved calorie infested bbq’s.  I’ll be the first to admit I love it!  Hanging out with friends drinking some beer or wine and grilling.  It just doesn’t get better than that.  But with it being Independence Day it seemed appropriate we go over some ground rules.  Yes, I did just really say ground rules.  There are four of them, here they are:

Rule #1 – Stay far, far away from mayo created salads – Although it’s got the word “salad” in the title it’s far from the nutritious versions. In fact potato and pasta salads can be a wrecking ball to your daily caloric intake if you dare eat more than 1/4 to half a cup!  Fear Not, there are ways to make “healthier” versions of these favorites.  Here’s my advice:  you be the one to bring this dish that way you know exactly what’s in it and how much you can indulge.  Try swapping out the mayo and in 0-2% plain greek yogurt (it really works wonders).  Instead of creating a mayo based pasta salad swap for vinegar and light olive oil (meaning your hand when pouring it not the type of oil!) or lime.  This will give it a little zesty taste which goes so nicely on a hot summer day.

Rule #2 – Stay Away From Chips – They are so easy to munch on be it corn or tortilla or wavy lays but a serving size of chips includes ONLY 10-14 chips people! If you know your hand can’t resist don’t tempt yourself by even “trying” one.

Rule #3 – Use Condiments In Moderation – I’m referring primarily to BBQ sauce and ketchup.  I don’t know about you but I LOVE my condiments.  BBQ sauce has around 70 calories per serving and a chunk of sugar and ketchup adds up fast if you grew up in a Polish family like mine (ketchup on everything?  Yes please!).

Rule #4 – No Creamy Desserts! – You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream…. or not.  They have fudgesicals or popsicles around?  Take one of those instead of the ice cream snickers you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth just fine.

Rule #5 – Avoid fruity slushy cocktails – For obvious reasons people…. SUGAR.  Please refer back to my previous post on sugar for all the reasons why this biggie takes a huge toll on your weight management.  Any slushy type drink is loaded with calories and although they may seem like the PERFECT thing on a hot day there are some alternatives that will cool you off just for less empty nutrition.  Here are my favorites:  sangria (homemade not mix), Mojitos, light beer, and white wine.

So what do you eat?  I suggest loading up on the grilled veggies, fruit and proteins.  Enjoy yourself, stay cool and hydrated and have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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