Top 4 Healthy Lunch Spots in Chicago Loop

As someone who works in the loop I know for a fact that one of the biggest challenges is where do you go for lunch when you haven’t brought one from home.  There is fast food screaming at you from all over and every bad decision you don’t want to make is in walking distance from your office.  Well, after spending several years in the loop I have tried and tested tons of places in search of those favorite “go to I don’t want to sabotage my diet” places.

Here are my top three recommendations:

1. Protein Bar –  Stick with one of the bowls or a salad.  My personal recommendation is the Healthy Chicken Parm bowl.   But remember, just because they have every “health shake” under the sun does not mean it doesn’t still have a days worth of sugar in it. 

2. Pret a Manger – I love this place!  I think the main reason I love it is because they have their nutritional count right on the label.  There are a lot of good choices to be made here.  My pick?  Tuna Nicoisse Salad with Lemon Shallot dressing (use half) 

3. Whole Foods (gold coast) – Their salad bar is AMAZING plus they have a lot of other good choices, fresh sushi, fruit etc. 

4. Specialty’s – Ok this is a recommendation for salads only.  Back away from the sandwiches they will do you know good (think awesome but 300-600 calories for the bread alone).  I like taking their basic mixed greens salad and adding a few more veggies, avocado, chicken and blue cheese. 

Have another restaurant in mind?  Or perhaps you know the top 3 healthy lunch spots in your city.  Let us know!


3 thoughts on “Top 4 Healthy Lunch Spots in Chicago Loop

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    • Thanks Jenny! Yes you are absolutely right, you can get a really nutritionally balanced/filling meal at Chipotle without going overboard in calories (just stay far away from the chips!). I’ve also heard you can get a great salad from Jason’s Deli however I have never been there to back that statement up.

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