Healthy Eating – Top 8 Brands

Ever feel overwhelmed walking into the grocery store?   There are so many different brands and options for every product how on earth do you make the best choice?  Do you go with low sodium?  How about low-fat?  Both?  Wait, this one is enhanced with Omega’s!  Unfortunately I don’t have one working solution for you as these types of observations and questions are generally a personal preference and based on any health needs you may have (like low sodium).  However I can recommend a few healthy brands that by sticking with their products you can ensure you are getting the biggest nutritional bang for your buck just be sure to scope out the sugar content too… something it has a way of sneaking itself into even the most seemingly healthy foods.

Here are my top 8 picks:

1. Amy’s – LOVE this brand.  Amy’s offers breakfast foods, frozen meals, meatless burger patties, pizzas, soups, desserts and more.  It’s hard for me to narrow i down to my favorite Amy’s product so here are two suggestions:  Any of her frozen lasagna meals and the pesto tortellini bowl. (

2. Kashi – Providing us with whole grain goodness this brand also tops my charts.  They offer everything from frozen meals to cereals and granola bars.  Recommendations:  Cinnamon Harvest wheat cereal or Go Lean cereal and Mediterranean Pizza (

3. Special K – We know this one’s good for us. I particularly am a fan of the Red Berries cereal and multi grain snack crackers. Snackers you can rejoice, a serving size is 24 crackers and a mere 120 calories! (

4. Laughing Cow – This brand stocks up on cheese spread wedges in multiple flavors like blue cheese, garlic & herb, and swiss for just 35 calories a wedge!  Great as a mixed in cheese to pasta, served as a dip with crackers/veggies, or even as a spread on your sandwich.  They also have other cheese products like cheese wheels packing only 70 calories a wheel.  (

5. Jennie O – Great meat line, from the ground turkey to the turkey burgers or flavored rolls you can’t go wrong here.  Much better option than red meat and hardly noticeable swap in taste.  (

6. Nature’s Path – Great hearty oatmeal offering you a nice sized serving to keep your body full all day long.  I like the Oatmeal with Flax packet as it tastes a tad sweeter than the original.  Slice strawberries or blueberries with almond milk and you’ve got your own version of Berries and Cream oatmeal.  This brand also offers a line of granola and cereals too.  ( )

7. Fage USA – Excellent greek yogurt serving up 12 plus grams of protein per container.  Stick with the plain and add your own fruit/cereal for the biggest nutritional bang.  (

8. Quorn – Tasty meat-free alternative – try the turkey burgers they are excellent. (


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