Shirataki Noodles: Love Them Or Leave Them?

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of articles lately mentioning the new found guilt free tofu noodles aka  Shirataki noodles.  I mean 1 normal pasta serving of these babies is a mere 20 calories!  Pasta lovers unite! Based on that information I had to give them a try so I could really see if this was a hands down new winner.  Here’s what I uncovered:

Locating the noodles:  Let me tell you Shirataki noodles are not the easiest to find unless you know where to look for them.  Additionally they are not a staple in every local grocery store either.  You will not find them in the noodle aisle.  They will be where the tofu resides in a refrigerated area (more than likely by the fresh veggies).

Cooking the noodles:  Upon picking p a package of Shirataki noodles you’ll notice from the get go that these are nowhere near your average noodle.  They are swimming in liquid and cold/wet.  Second, cooking instructions call for washing noodles and patting dry to remove odor!  Then cooking is as easy as paper towel in the microwave, cook a minute and voila!

Eating the noodles: Definitely not your average spaghetti noodle! Shirtaki noodles have a slimy, gummy taste to them and no matter what you mix on them or pair with them the texture sticks out.

So to close, they’re not the worst thing I’ve eaten before but not the greatest.  I would love to say I could use them as a substitute for noodles but not sure I’m quite there yet.  I do encourage you to try them at least once just to check them out and tell us what you think.


2 thoughts on “Shirataki Noodles: Love Them Or Leave Them?

    • That’s not a bad idea. It’s definitely all in the preparation. Because of the unique consistency/way they are stored they take extra tlc to make. I think they are worth another shot especially given the super low calorie count. They could be good if paired with the right sauce or veggies, I just haven’t found that winning combo yet.

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