Chocolate: Just One Tiny Piece

We’re all guilty of that notorious phrase, “just one piece”.  “I’ll have just one piece of cookie, can’t be too bad” or “I’ll have one tiny Hershey’s kiss that’s it”.  But how many of us are truly aware of how many extra calories we are putting in our bodies because of that?  We bitch, we moan, and we complain about even the smallest tire of fat we can’t seem to get off our stomachs and hips yet we somehow justify that one, tiny piece of candy.

  Here’s the harsh reality folks, nothing is FREE.  There is no such thing as free money, there is no free parking and there are no free CALORIES!  We work so hard on trying to keep focused in the quest for losing weight and then throw it out the window by eating those “tiny extras”.  There are no tiny extras, it all counts, it all adds up and then goes to your favorite places: your hips, your thighs, and your butt.  But you say, “No, I couldn’t help it!” You can help it, it’s called will power.

  I believe knowledge is power. I attribute a lot of my weight loss success to that phrase.  If you surround yourself in the cold facts about what’s in the foods your eating, you are 10x less likely to give in to those temptations.  For instance, a McDonald’s hamburger is 250, add cheese and it’s 310.  The grilled chicken sandwich is 350, add a small fry and wash it down with a small pop and you’re at an eye popping 700-750 calories for lunch!!!  I don’t know about you but I know how hard it is to get to burn 100 calories exercising.  If you think about all that effort you have to put in, does nutrition ignorance really sound worth it? No, it does not.

 My advice, research the nutrition on things before you shove them into your mouth.  Going out to dinner?  Look up the restaurant online and see if they have the nutritional content posted or use one of the fantastic calorie counter apps they have for phones.  You can run and you can hide from the numbers but your body can’t and if I was going into a battle I would arm myself with the knowledge to outsmart my competition (i.e. fat calories).  Good luck!

Now back to the tiny pieces, store the stats below in your head and remember it next time you want that “one tiny, guilt-free piece”:

 Dove Chocolate Miniatures – 40-45 calories for 1 piece.

Hershey’s Miniatures – 40-45 calories for 1 piece

Tootsie Roll Pop – 60 calories for 1 pop


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