Healthy Lifestyle: America’s Health Outlook

This post comes in response to a study the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted where they found that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030!  Now, I don’t know if you realize but according to BMI calculations there is a step between normal and obese called overweight.  So this stat isn’t saying that 42% will be overweight it’s saying they will be one step further classifying then as obese!

So what can we do about this?  We might not particularly be obese or overweight but if you take a second to look around you, you will soon see that more people fall under this category than others.  I hate to throw in too much opinion in my posts but I feel like people get to a point where they think that having a normal BMI is too skinny.  We are around so many people that are larger than us that sometimes that’s enough alone to justify our size.  “I’m not that big, look at that person they’re bigger!”  Yes this may be true but it does not mean that either of you are a healthy size.  My family is the first to fall under this category.  My father repeatedly says he wants to lose weight, won’t change what he’s eating, and continues to compare himself to “larger guys” justifying his size.  By saying that I don’t really believe it makes him feel any better and it certainly does not justify his size.

So what can we do about this?  Well, obviously not too much to influence others, however we can influence ourselves.  So it’s time to take a good hard look.  Calculate your BMR (little more accurate than BMI).  This online calculator will give you access to both formulas:   Where do you fall?  Where should you fall?  Ok, let’s make some changes.

I recently found a wonderful ipad app from My Fitness Pal that helps you effectively monitor exercise, food and maintaining your weight.  It additionally shows you a pie chart daily of how you are eating in terms of fats, proteins, and carbs to help you better balance out your daily diet.  I highly recommend you try this app if you can.

Want to read the full release from this week?  Here’s the ABC article for full information below:

Bets of luck.  Keep your head up and stay focused.  You can and will reach your goals.


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