Healthy Eating: An Ode To Olive Oil

"healthy olive oil" "olive oil uses"

Olive oil how we love thee, how can we count the ways.   You’re a loyal partner through sickness and health you are there offering multiple ways for us to better ourselves.  Ok clearly I am not a poet and will cease my attempt off the bat.  I do however want to take a moment to highlight the many many ways olive oil proves to health us in our daily lives.  I have come across at least 40 different ways to use it in my research but here’s my top 10.

Top 10 Uses for Olive Oil

1. Cook with it

2. Use it as a dressing on salads

3. Shine your stainless steel pots/pans with it

4. Rub it on hands, cuticles, and feet for hydrated extra soft skin

5.  Shave with it – forget shaving cream try using olive oil it will glide the razor right along while moisturizing at the same time!

6. Hair Product- Fly away hair tamer on dry, frizzy hair days or use it as a deep treatment oil on scalp and tresses.

7. Massage Oil

8. Fix a Squeaky door – dip a Q-tip in olive oil and swab on the door hinge.  It will grease it up, stop the squeaking, and help it stay lubricated unlike WD-40 which dries.  It’s also easy to clean off.

9.  Polish furniture/metal with it – arms of chairs, tables, kitchen tables what have you!

10. Fix a stuck zipper – dip a Q-tip in olive oil and swab onto the zipper teeth.


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